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Founded in 1974 Stiftelsen Biodynamiska Produkter (SBP) is a foundation dedicated to supporting the development of organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Towards this end SBP strives to:

- Work with all relevant business sectors to offer consumers the best products from organic/biodynamic growers and producers.

- Support growers and producers by marketing their products at fair conditions and through the development of long term

Profits engendered through SBP's work are reinvested in the company and/or donated to projects and organizations working within organic/ biodynamic agriculture.

SBP's business today covers a wide range of areas:

- The Swedish wholesale operation offers a very wide range of biodynamic/organic products to specialty stores, retailers, restaurants, institutional kitchens, food industries and others in Sweden. The operation is centered at company headquarters and the warehouse in Järna, just south of Stockholm. From here products are distributed throughout the country.

- In 1991 the company Dynamis/France was founded in Paris with SBP as a founder and co owner. In the end of 2009 we sold the company.

-As part of its ongoing strategy and goal to bring producers and consumers closer to one and other SBP started Ekolådan. Ekolådan is an internet based subscription system for home box delivery of organic products. After three years of work Ekolådan is steadily growing and is now a very important part of SBP's work and development.  

- SBP strives to develop close relationships to suppliers throughout the world and to cooperate with other wholesalers with a long term and wholly organic perspective in the area of international trade. Involved in the development of the first organic projects in the Dominican Republic SBP was also one of the first to import organic coffee and bananas to Europe. Today SBP imports bananas, coffee, mango, ginger, lime and other products from the DR. Our main partner in developing the business in the DR since the early 90s is Horizontes Organicos.

Since 1999 SBP has also been developing imports of produce from South America with Argentina as the main supplier. The main products from this area are red and yellow onions, Hokkaido and Butternut pumpkins, apples and pears. The company Baeco/Geoterra is primarily responsible for developing our relationships to growers in South America.

As the organic market continues to grow SBP sees it as a central task to ensure access to the best products from serious independent long term organic producers and to support these in their work.Guided by its status as a foundation and its principles SBP also strives to ensure that economic resources generated by organic business are used to develop organic production and the organic sector. Within this context SBP will continue to develop its range of products and constantly seeks interesting and interested producers and businesses for cooperation.

International trade

Backed up by the resources of our Swedish headquarters the colleagues primarily involved with the international trade area today are:

John Gerhard: project development  +46 8 554 810 47
Bertil Bakker: sales and logistics    +31 251 319 200


For information regarding supplying our Swedish wholesaler and/or Ekolådan contact:

Fruits & vegetables
Cas Snijder:  +46 8 554 810 34


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